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Faces of EGL: Barbara van Rey and Dörthe Hofman

14/05/2024 - Faces of EGL

Before her role in the Coordination office for youth participation in the city region of Aachen, Dörthe was deeply engaged as a volunteer from a young age. Currently pursuing studies in Economics and Politics with aspirations to become a teacher, she brings four years of experience to her position in the youth participation office. Outside of work, Dörthe enjoys swimming and remains actively involved in her local community and politics. She is an inspiring example to the younger generation, embodying the values of active citizenship and taking responsibility to participate in local politics.

Barbara holds degrees in English and German literature. Before her current role in the city region of Aachen, she gained experience in public relations at the Education office. Barbara’s passion for contributing to education and projects with social impact is evident. While at the Education office, she got involved in youth participation initiatives and was also part of the team that worked on establishing a comprehensive network across various educational domains. Barbara found inspiration in the collaborative approach of her team, which prioritized input from young people and fostered bottom-up engagement. In her leisure time, Barbara enjoys the company of her wife and their three dogs, indulging in reading, and socializing with friends.

A full interview with Barbara and Dörthe about the good practice Das Geht! Youth and Politics in Dialogue you can read here.

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