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Faces of EGL: Céline De Coninck

24/01/2023 - Faces of EGL

Ghent will be the European Youth Capital (EYC) in 2024. We’ve interviewed Céline de Coninck, Project Leader of Ghent EYC 2024, to tell us more about this in a previous article. Today, we get to know Céline in this latest “Faces of EGL”.

Céline has been passionate about youth work from her early days. After completing her studies in Ghent, she stayed in the city and continued to develop her skills and interests in the youth work field. She started her career in youth work in Dendermonde where she grew up. Her job was to support and carry out the plan for more outdoor playgrounds. She also worked in the town’s Youth Council for ten years.

Today, Céline is a project leader of the Ghent – European Youth Capital 2024 project. She makes sure that the project meet their goals, that the different stakeholders are informed in the right way, and that everybody is involved. She also makes sure that the teamwork is efficient and inspiring for all.

Gardening, cooking, and bulldog Muddy

Privately, Céline is a keen gardener and a cook. Her big friend is her pet, an English bulldog Muddy, together they have lots of fun at home. Céline likes to check out events organized by young people to stay in tune with the energy that the youth bring to the city when she goes out. Socializing and networking are a big part of her life, and she enjoys every moment of it.

Céline has always had the idea of social impact in mind. She was always looking for ways to use her energy to change the lives of young people or to give them opportunities and impulses, that they can use to grow in their own life. Having a type of work that allows this, is the most important thing for Céline. In her current role, she can be the carrier of the social impact that the programs create. She’s making space for young people, influencing the public and physical spaces, changing mindsets, getting out and meeting people, interacting with them, and being on the streets so basically creating a city experience that the youth need and want. The next level is all of this but on the European Level, and Céline is looking forward to it!

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