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Faces of EGL: Grazia Cannarsa

16/01/2024 - Faces of EGL

From the cozy, small town of Termoli on the Adriatic Sea coast, in the Molise region – between Abruzzo and Puglia, or how the locals say ‘the unknown’ region of Italy, Grazia ventured to western Europe and Brussels, Belgium.

Interested in different languages and cultures from a very young age, Grazia was happy to explore these interests further in the international environment of Brussels. It was like a dream come true. And it still is!

Being the one who always liked traveling, foreign languages, and literature, her passion took her to visit her Belgian friend and meet her family. Staying over for work and life happened by chance. She started a traineeship in the EU Commission. The city presented itself as full of professionals with a background in political sciences, but diversity was always welcomed. A work opportunity opened its door in Eurodesk and Grazia got involved with an inspiring Youth Portal project. The project aimed to provide information on the different EU initiatives and possibilities for young people. Grazia says she was lucky to enter a very inspiring project, and ever since then she’s considered Eurodesk her second family.

For Grazia, everything is about the environment that surrounds you. If it is motivating, and you like your work, it’s the most uplifting thing you can ask for in life.

When she’s not busy with her research and information work in the youth field, Grazia takes time for her well-being. She enjoys sports and also dance and music. She’s been into classical dance for years and would love to transfer this passion to her daughter. From ballet to jazz, Grazia remains inspired by the movement and music.

What Grazia remembers was that when she was young, she always craved more information and opportunities in her little town. And reflecting on this, made her realize she ended up in a space and environment that offers a lot of information, so that you as a young person, can decide, make choices, participate, and be active. She saw her mission right there – to somehow spread the information – so that young people can benefit from the advantages that are everywhere around us.

What she also values is the opportunity to grow personally and professionally. Her office in Brussels is an example of this, a lot of nationalities, a diverse team, and a melting pot that also exists within the whole city.  Grazia is happy to be in a place where love for youth work and connection is what brings people together.

A full interview with Grazia about Eurodesk you can read here.

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