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Community work with young people

D'Broej vzw

Henegouwenkaai 29/6, 1080 Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, Belgium

  • Participation of young people in activities (planning, preparing, carrying out, etc.)
  • Non-formal education/-learning
  • Active citizenship/activism
  • Arts and culture
  • Sports
  • Outdoor activities
  • Community work
  • Youth work in urban areas
  • Safe/secure youth work environment

A practice of processes and methods

We invest in building a trusting relationship with young individuals through leisure activities, allowing well-being inquiries and other support needs to reach us. In doing so, we aim to be a stable influence in their lives and development, emphasizing the potency of our approach and fostering a strong bond of trust.

Our objective is to broaden the living environment of young individuals by encouraging the development of skills and talents and promoting informal learning, such as through playful activities.

We establish an environment where young individuals, independent of their limited housing and school environment, can experiment with their identity without judgment. This is achieved through project work, sports, cultural participation, theater, nature activities, and personal development workshops. In these workshops, young individuals can discover their talents, learn to communicate and respect their boundaries, and understand how to navigate social media. If they have a strong interest, we provide support to further explore and develop it. Our setting also encourages intercultural collaboration.

Young individuals attend our after school programs where they engage in projects or workshops, including project work, sports, cultural participation, theater, nature activities, and personal development workshops (discovering talents, setting and respecting boundaries, learning how to navigate social media).

Additionally, we organize activities during holidays revolving around similar themes, but with the possibility of a deep dive. During these sessions, we aim to broaden their living environment, introduce them to new places, and help them discover new skills.

We also host camps and weekend retreats with overnight stays. These experiences take them away from Brussels, providing an opportunity to connect with nature, spend time with peers, engage in novel activities, and visit unfamiliar places. During these camps, significant effort is devoted to building strong trust relationships.

Our space is where young individuals find a sense of belonging, encouraging them to explore, discover new facets of themselves, and connect with their peers.

We go beyond just being an activity center; we become a vital part of their upbringing—a reliable support system for moments when life takes a challenging turn, whether it’s related to school, mental health, or any other struggles. In essence, we create a safe haven.

For these young people, we’re more than a recreational spot; we’re a second home, a place where they feel comfortable discussing topics that may not come up at home. We also actively encourage them to explore opportunities like animator courses.

In the realm of leisure, our goal is to be a constant and stable presence in their lives. While staff may change over time, D’Broej remains a steadfast support, ensuring that, even if they are absent for months or years, we continue to be a reliable anchor in their journey.

Core principles of youth work