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Download to PDF Call for trainers: Quality in local youth work – a modular seminar for municipal stakeholders

Call for trainers: Quality in local youth work – a modular seminar for municipal stakeholders

News from Europe Goes Local 15/03/2021

Europe Goes Local is looking for trainers to facilitate a modular seminar on local youth work.

Europe Goes Local has so far offered conferences, study visits and seminars or training courses on specific topics both at the national and local level. This seminar is a step further on this path as it is a learning opportunity that provides a deeper insight to the themes of the Charter and concretely into enhancing the quality and better recognition of local youth work. It is planned to become a recurring offer at the European level in the framework of Europe Goes Local and it might serve as a model for developing national level training courses and seminars about quality development in youth work.

Themes and structure:

The modular seminar will consist of two residential modules and complementary webinars between the two residential modules.

The residential modules will be hosted by municipalities which will take active role in sharing their practices as a host to enable community-based learning throughout the seminar.

The themes of the seminar will be selected via a needs-analysis within the Europe Goes Local network to tailor the modules according to the needs of the participants. This needs analysis plays a crucial role in shaping the focus of the seminar.

Participants will be expected to start transferring the knowledge they gain to their community already after the first module.

Requested trainer profile

Further information: https://www.salto-youth.net/tools/call-for-trainers/call/europe-goes-local-quality-in-local-youth-work-a-modular-seminar-for-municipal-stakeholders-call-for-trainers.598/

Deadline to apply: 11 April.