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Diana Pettersson Svenneke and Pepe Herrera

11/12/2019 - Faces of EGL

Behind every EGL Project there are people - those incredible, energetic and enthusiastic humans who make things happen on the field. People who manage the activities, build relationships, share knowledge, inspire local communities, keep an eye on the social impact of their work. Who are the faces of EGL? We want to get to know them, hear who they are, what are their passions, dreams, goals, how did they find themselves in the Europe Goes Local network. Youth work needs many talents and the people of EGL are bringing in a diversity of resources - skills and knowledge together with their vision of how empowered youth looks like. Meet them. Hear their story. Diana Pettersson Svenneke and Pepe Herrera presented about the salutogenic approach at the 3rd European EGL Event in Brussels in 2019.



Who is Diana?

Since 2011, I work as a coordinator for the KC network part time and part time as a teacher in youth work education. I have been devoted to youth work since I was a teenager and got my education when I was 22. I have been a teacher in youth work education for almost 30 years now. Some of my passions include collecting and developing good methods and practices in youth work and working for all children and young people’s right to have a good, fun and developing leisure time. Outside of work and project activities, I enjoy riding my bicycle as well as all kinds of outdoor activities such as walking, skiing, skating and kayaking.

Who is Pepe?

I am a youth worker in Lidingö City. I have previous experience in the field of youth work and youth information in both Spain and Sweden. Lidingö City is one of the members of KC (Knowledge Center for Youth Work) and I participated in the development of some of KC's projects. I focus on the development of youth work and youth mobility, both local and international where I like to exchange experiences. I have been involved in several European projects, some of them in collaboration with ERYICA and Eurodesk-Sweden. I’m passionate about exploring connections and synergies between different stakeholders which may have positive impact for the young people.

Outside of work, I have a family - a wife and two daughters. We are involved in the local community (school, neighborhood, sports, scouts). I’m a curious person, interested in architecture, photography and cultural events. I like sports, especially swimming and cycling.

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