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Aleksandra Laboskova of European Youth Capital Klaipeda

18/02/2022 - Faces of EGL

Who is Aleksandra?

When you have a drive to explore the world, working on a project that aims at community transformation becomes a great opportunity. A strong inner sense of justice and being a “doer” perfectly fits a description of my personality: a 29 years old #chooseklaipeda team member, who initially joined the project as an ambassador to be part of something bigger.

Even though my educational background is related to research in the field of social sciences, I believe in the unity of knowledge, so after working in the business sphere for a couple of years, I decided to switch the field and got a job in an open youth center. It became a challenge and a great learning experience at the same time, which helped me to form a better and realistic understanding of youth, particularly their concerns and needs: What does their daily routine look like? What motivates youth to engage in certain activities and why do some youth-oriented events not catch their interest?

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European Youth Capital

As a result, this allowed me to join in the Klaipeda European Youth Capital project later in a General Affairs Coordinator role and help to unite the team, young people, and organizations to achieve a common goal to reveal youth’s potential. The experience proved a piece of well-known advice that nothing is impossible if you work hard. No matter how many years one may work in the field, a sincere interest in the young people’s well-being paired with the courage to step out of your comfort zone has proven to provide the best results.

The combination of challenge and curiosity attracted me to this project because this job requires an ability to think creatively and critically while organizing the processes and finding new ways to solve the problems. For this reason, my hobbies are sports-related to a large degree including fitness, running, hiking, and many others. Sometimes I like to engage in mindful activities such as painting or taking pictures of nature.

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