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Download to PDF Tajana Broz and Petra Vdovic, Pregrada Croatia

Tajana Broz and Petra Vdovic, Pregrada Croatia

27/11/2019 - Faces of EGL

Behind every EGL Project there are people - those incredible, energetic and enthusiastic humans who make things happen on the field. People who manage the activities, build relationships, share knowledge, inspire local communities, keep an eye on the social impact of their work. Who are the faces of EGL? We want to get to know them, hear who they are, what are their passions, dreams, goals, how did they find themselves in the Europe Goes Local network. Youth work needs many talents and the people of EGL are bringing in a diversity of resources - skills and knowledge together with their vision of how empowered youth looks like. Meet them. Hear their story. Tajana Broz and Petra Vdović are faces of one of the EGL’s network partnering projects - in Pregrada, Croatia.




I am a manager of the Local Action Group Zagorje-Sutla and president of the City Council of Pregrada. I have worked in the non-profit sector for 13 years. Back in the day, I used to be a youth activist and it took too many years to finally be able to implement what I was always advocating regarding youth policies. For me, EGL enabled that opportunity very clearly.

I am a feminist, an activist and a mother. I’d say I’m a cynic, but still a believer that the world can be a better place for us all. My hobby is trying to find some time to relax by reading romantic novels, learning Portuguese and planning my next family trip. I enjoy discovering new places and food. I listen to Rock, Blues and Country music, and as a guilty pleasure - popular Latin songs (because what can relax you more than Despacito?).

Petra describes her colleague Tajana as ‘as one amazing, fearless and brave woman, nice person, a good friend, a great listener and a good role model’.


I have been actively involved in the Pregrada project since I started working at the municipality, about a year and a half ago. Until then, I knew about the project from articles published in the city’s magazine - the Voice of Pregrada.
I was born in Pregrada. In my spare time, I like to go out for coffee with friends, to the movies, concerts and especially to the theatre. I also like to help my father in the vineyard.
I enjoy various kinds of music, but I’m mostly comfortable with classic rock. I am a keen traveler, but I don’t like packing. I love exploring new places and listening to smart people who have something to say.

Tajana describes her colleague, Petra ‘as a lifesaver, fast learner, wise and smart woman who walks the talk and says clearly when something is ‘BS’.


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