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Faces of EGL: Amanda Krišjāne

20/12/2023 - Faces of EGL

Amanda works as a youth affairs specialist in the youth center ‘Baze’, Gulbene, Latvia. She is originally from this district. Life also took her to study and live in some other cities around the country, including Riga. One summer when she was back, a friend who was a youth worker asked her to join the municipality youth work. This is how the journey started, she was twenty years old.

From an early age, Amanda was into mathematics and politics. She has degrees in political sciences and accounting. A great experience for her was the Erasmus program. Through it, she discovered a love for meeting different people and learning about multiple cultures. Youth work in the municipality allowed her to develop new skills and step into the role of a youth worker. Helping young people like herself access opportunities, gain skills, and become active participants in their community is a very rewarding working experience for her. Diversity in her team is an additional inspiring factor. Working with senior youth workers motivates her to build her knowledge, and learn how to solve challenges in the youth work field. Amanda is looking forward to further progressing her career and contributing to Gulbene’s social goals.

A full interview with Amanda about the youth center ‘Baze’ you can read here.

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