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Faces of EGL: Fien Morren

07/02/2024 - Faces of EGL

With an educational background in social work and pedagogical studies, Fien finds herself in the right place at the right time. Globelink provides the ideal home base for creating the social impact she was dreaming about. The themes she’s passionate about are resilience, solidarity, and connection.

She encounters dozens of young people with an opinion on social issues and sustainability. She often mentions the young people’s honesty on sensitive social issues such as gender and resilience.  The first thing to notice about Fien is her enthusiasm and positive energy. She is happy doing this meaningful work. Helping young people learn how to participate in important life issues and seeing them take full charge of their choices in life, is very rewarding for her.

Fien is a working mom who takes a train every day from Ghent to Brussels. In her free time, she takes up on Ghent’s social life, enjoying the diversity and the offers in the city.  She lives in a city which proves that the voices of youth are heard. For her, it’s nice to witness that this year Ghent is the European Youth Capital. The youth is included, respected, and participates in high numbers in all the issues related to the quality of life in the city.  As a student, Fien had a chance to travel to Nepal and Zimbabwe, where she did her internship as a social worker. Working with local schools, teaching kids and also people with disabilities. Her experience was invaluable in her further development path of becoming a youth worker.

And so, youth work holds magic for Fien. Through the projects of youth service Globelink, Fien can actively work to support young people and empower them to become active citizens.

A full interview with Fien about Globelink you can read here.

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