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Faces of EGL: Kiriaki Tsiantou

28/02/2023 - Faces of EGL

We’ve interviewed Kiriaki Tsiantou about the good practice of the Larissa Youth Council in a previous article. Today, we get to know Kiriaki in this latest “Faces of EGL”.

Kiriaki has been a member of the Larissa Youth Council in Greece for three years now.  More than anything, she wanted to be part of a meaningful change from the beginning, to create something useful and effective for the youth in the city. It was her passion to do something for her generation, to be part of the city structure, and to be able to contribute to the changes that are needed. The Council attracted her because it gave her an opportunity to get to know the city better and what it needs and how can young people create ideas and projects for it to further develop and grow.

Kiriaki loves her job, both the local and the European projects in the sector where she works.  What she also loves about being a part of the Youth Council is the teamwork and the way people work. For her, the most important thing is to communicate with each other. The team is big, there are 45 people, and it can get challenging to plan and carry out all the project’s tasks. She loves that they have regular meetings, follow-up calls, and talks with each member. The structure works well because there is continuous checking-in during the progress, how satisfied the volunteers are with the work and results, and how to approach the new ideas and proposals to the city.

Hobbies and free time

In her free time, Kiriaki loves traveling. She doesn’t only travel abroad but also within Greece, she adores being a tourist in her own city. Kiriaki loves to exercise and have a healthy lifestyle, taking care of her well-being. She also likes good food and enjoys trying out different restaurants and cafes in the city. She considers herself lucky as Larissa is the city with the most restaurants in Greece! Being able to visit a different place every time, makes her happy and excited.

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