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Faces of EGL: Martina Jachevska

12/04/2024 - Faces of EGL

When thinking of civic engagement in North Macedonia, Martina is at the forefront of it. She is the life of the party in the very first Probishtip’s youth center. As the coordinator of the center and the president of the managing organization GRIT, Martina is driving the social changes in her hometown – a dream many youth workers would have. She completed a degree in design, yet life brought her to youth work and the management of youth-related initiatives, and it’s obvious how much she enjoys it. One of her significant experiences was her volunteering time in Slovakia, where she spent nine months helping a local youth organization. This is where she discovered what she liked to do – work with youth and for youth, create programs for the social and professional development of young people, design and deliver training, and drive changes in a local community.

Her professional interests also took her to Germany and the USA. In Colorado, she was a fellow of Colorado Young Leaders where she completed a civil society leadership development program. Upon return to her country, Martina worked between Skopje and Probishtip up to the point when she decided to begin a very engaging and serious work of opening the first youth center in her hometown. She completed nationally recognized training for youth work and became a certified youth worker.

Martina’s passion is lobbying for youth, and their rights to participate and have a meaningful impact on the local level. What she likes the most is the ability to see the social impact – personal and professional growth of people, their skills, commitment, and confidence rising. Being in the field, and working directly with youth and other stakeholders means you can see the results immediately. She remembers all the young people who were not encouraged enough by their family or school system coming to the youth center Probishtip, developing their interests and skills, and gaining new confidence. With the help of the youth center’s programs such as career orientation and counseling, Martina witnessed young people taking more responsibility and accountability for their lives, and things taking off for them. A real story to be proud of.

A full interview with Martina about Youth Center Probiship you can read here.

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