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Download to PDF “WHO’S INCLUDED?” – A Local Organization Embedding Inclusivity in Youth Mobility

“WHO’S INCLUDED?” – A Local Organization Embedding Inclusivity in Youth Mobility

30/09/2020 - Actions in EGL

As a strategic partnership that supports municipal level local youth work, Europe Goes Local (EGL) not only aims to raise the quality of youth work development but also create and influence a multiplier effect through identifying and promoting diverse activities of and to its members, partners and stakeholders. Thanks to the quality of its cooperation, EGL has become a rich platform of activities and practices that showcase the diversity and success of local youth work in various local settings and contexts.

As we are counting down the days to the official launch of the Changemakers' Toolkit, which is designed to support working with the European Charter on Local Youth Work, we have decided to select and present to you 5 good practices that highlight the importance, creativity and impact of local youth work and look at the ways they align to the Charter’s principles and promote its values across Europe.

In the hope that you might get inspired to implement a similar approach in your own country or learn more about what others are doing successfully, today we present to you Limerick Youth Service in Ireland with their good example of international youth work and promoting inclusivity in youth mobility.

  • Name of the good practice: “Who’s Included?”​ A Local Organisation Embedding Inclusivity in Youth Mobility. The experience of Limerick Youth Service
  • Location: Limerick, Ireland
  • Organization: Limerick Youth Service
  • Organization Profile: Limerick Youth Service (LYS) is a leading provider of youth work, education, training & employability opportunities for young people and, with over 40 years’ experience, is to the fore in providing quality youth-led programmes.

LYS supports a number of diverse youth work projects. Education & training remain key features of the organisation with a variety of course including an Ability Programme, Digital Skills, Employability Skills, Early Childhood Care & Skills, Bike Project, Retail Skills, Catering Course, Baking Skills, iScoil initiative & Leaving Cert Applied among the many courses young people can study. LYS enhances the civic, educational, personal & social development of young people with programmes focusing on a broad range of topics from leadership skills, animal welfare and web safety to creative arts, music and sport. LYS also works in partnership with a number of national and regional organisations. A recognised charity, Limerick Youth Service is compliant with the Code of Practice for Good Governance of Community, Voluntary and Charitable Organisations in Ireland.

  • Activity Description: LYS developed a research project including all of the young people, staff and volunteers. ​Exploring what worked well during their experience, what could have been better, how could they have been more supported? ​ Document outcomes for those who have engaged in international youth work. ‘International Youth Work’ ​was Identified ​as one of the ways in which LYS delivers youth work and was named in the strategic plan. With all of this learning informing the good practice, LYS worked with a group of youth workers and young people to develop two toolkits. One designed by and for youth workers. The other designed by and for young people. These toolkits outlined best practice when engaging in international youth work, as well as promoting inclusion in international youth work. Thus ensuring all young people have equal opportunity to participate.

  • Purpose of the activity: Embedding Inclusivity in Youth Mobility
  • Challenges in implementation: LYS did not run into any challenges or problems relating to completing our good practice. LYS has been involved in international youth work for many years and is supportive of staff who engage in international youth work. Staff are supported by policy as well as the strategic plan. Some of the challenges that others may face could be an organisation who does not see the validity of international youth work, youth workers not supported to promote inclusive within their programmes, lack of policy supporting workers.


  • Impact:

Young people: For the young people involved in the process they have designed and implemented a toolkit for other young people to ensure they are fully supported to participate and engage in international youth work. Embedding inclusivity in LYS’s practice in international youth work ensures all young people, regardless of circumstance or background have the opportunity to engage in developmental international youth work.

Youth workers: Youth workers now have research and evidence to draw from when considering engaging in International youth work. Youth workers within Limerick Youth service have a suite of tools that support them in the undertaking, promoting, participating and engaging in inclusive youth work practice. Youth workers are further supported by policy and the strategic plan.

Youth work: Youth workers have access to the two tool kits developed by Limerick Youth Service that promotes inclusivity in international youth work. The Youth Workers Guide to International Youth Work & The Young Persons Guide to International Youth Work. As well as the research piece developed by Limerick Youth Service informed by our years of international youth work practice.

For Limerick Youth ServiceLYS has embedded international youth work into its strategic plan, this action promotes the validity and importance that international youth work has within LYS. As an organisation, LYS will continue to promote inclusive opportunities for young people in international youth work and beyond.

Society/Community: The communities of Limerick will benefit from this piece of work because it has increased the opportunity for young people from all backgrounds to engage and participate in inclusive international youth work practice.

Applying the European Charter on Local Youth Work*: All principles inscribed in each section of the Charter that the Good Practice applies in the design and implementation of this activity:


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