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Meeting of the Steering Group

Slovakia, Bratislava, September 23, 2016
European level activity

The Steering Group is the decision making body of the project. The members intended to finetune the framework of the project during their first meeting.

The most important conclusions of this meeting were:

Expectations of the members of the Steering Group about the project:
Networking & cooperation
• Creating a long term cooperation between NAs
• Enlarge the existing framework of cooperation under the umbrella of Erasmus+ with involving external partners
• Creating sustainable partnerships and networks to enhance develop the quality and increase the recognition of youth work at municipal level
• Youth work has significant activities at local / municipal level thus the mapping and other research activities have high relevance
• On-going activities should be linked to each other via the project to avoid overlaps and to maximize impact and possible results, outcomes

Quality & content development
• The project should contribute to introducing European dimension to local youth work and bringing it together with the Erasmus + programme
• Using the Erasmus + programme as a tool of quality development of local youth work
• Developing further on the outcomes of the European Youth Work Conventions
• Providing strategic and quality input for local level youth work
• Bringing together knowledge about the diverse structures and practices of municipal level youth work