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Download to PDF Webinar: Fostering Meaningful Communication in Local Reality

Webinar: Fostering Meaningful Communication in Local Reality

On-line, June 9 - June 9, 2022
European level activity

Dialogue is essential for better understanding diversity of voices in local realities. Dialogue is a space where those voices can come together as equals to listen and learn from each other. Through committing to dialogue, one can better understand the complexity of local issues, combat polarisation, and support democratic processes and participation, especially for those whose voices are often left unheard.

The webinar offer to participants:

. Gaining understanding of dialogicality and the “Timeout-Dialogue” -model (Finland)

. Learning ways how to involve young people equally to discussions in your community

. Better understanding how complexity and challenging topics become a richness for learning and development in local realities

. Reflecting on your own ways of communication towards your stakeholders

. Hearing examples of dialogue having an impact on democratic processes

. Practicing their own dialogicality