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Community work with children

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Henegouwenkaai 29/6, 1080 Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, Belgium


  • Non-formal education/-learning
  • Outdoor activities
  • Arts and culture
  • Sports
  • Youth work in urban areas
  • Safe/secure youth work environment
  • Participation of young people in activities (planning, preparing, carrying out, etc.)

A practice of processes and methods

Through leisure activities, we aim to establish a trusting relationship with the child and the family. This approach enhances accessibility for well-being inquiries and other supportive issues that may arise.

We endeavor to broaden the participants’ living environment by developing and discovering skills, identifying talents, and fostering informal learning, for instance, through playful activities.

In our pursuit of positive development, we provide a space where young individuals, separate from their limited housing and school environment, have the opportunity to experiment with their identity. While this exploration may be superficial, involving activities such as sports and games, we are prepared to offer support if deeper interests emerge.

Our initiative also facilitates intercultural play and collaboration, providing young individuals with the opportunity to engage in inclusive and cooperative activities.

Through after-school workshops, young individuals voluntarily come to our location. These workshops offer them the opportunity to choose from various themes such as sports & games, crafts, multimedia and film, excursions within Brussels, exploring nature, homework guidance, language stimulation, and cooking workshops.

In addition to the workshops, we also organize holiday activities, such as play weeks, where we can venture further from Brussels or delve deeper into specific subjects. This allows young individuals to expand their living environment, discover Brussels and Belgium, and interact with different groups.

We focus on a target audience with limited means, providing us with the opportunity to organize activities that might otherwise be unfeasible, such as visits to Technopolis, the sea, the zoo, and so forth.

Furthermore, we host camps at least once a year, where the young participants spend an entire week together, engaging in various activities like playing and crafting. This creates a holiday atmosphere, offering them a break from Brussels, more space, and an opportunity to enjoy nature.

Within our organisation, children not only experience enjoyable play moments but also actively engage in building trust relationships with other adults in their lives, in addition to their parents and teachers. We strive to create an environment where children not only feel comfortable but are also regarded as a second home.

Access to workshops is highly accessible, both in terms of financial considerations and registration. We provide a flexible approach, tailoring our services to individual needs, and offer numerous opportunities.

Core principles of youth work