Super Youth Worker

Super Youth Worker
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Mitmischen & Aufmischen im Dorf (Be involved!)

akzente Salzburg

Glockengasse 4c, 5020 Salzburg Stadt, Austria

  • Participation of young people in decision making

A practice of processes and methods

With this annual project, we want to enable young people to participate directly on various political levels. They receive input on “democracy” in workshops beforehand and can get to know all political levels (from municipal office, provincial government, federal level and the European Union) in the course of the project.

It was particularly important to us that the young people experience first-hand how democracy works. By implementing the project in their home communities, ideas are actually put into practice and the participants can play an active role in shaping them. With “Be Involved,” we bring political participation opportunities to the countryside as well. Many of the young people come from rural areas and often do not feel connected to the democratic decision-making processes. Being able to meet and discuss their needs with politicians on the ground.

A brief overview of the steps of the project year 2022/2023:

– Workshop on democracy  

– Workshop on the topic of “doing economy differently/sustainable”  

– Visit to the Salzburg state parliament (with discussion round with members of the state parliament)  

– Visit to Vienna (National Council, Federal Chancellery, House of the European Union, meeting with members of parliament)  

– During the project, the participants develop their own projects in their community, which are then to be implemented together with the local council and mayor.   

– In July, the projects were presented by the young people and a jury evaluated which three groups will win the prize (trip to Brussels).  

The activities implemented took place on all levels, because we intended to provide young people with not only knowledge of democracy and politics but also show them where it is put into practice. In three towns of the county of Salzburg young people met with the mayors and head official. 

They also visited the federal state parliament of Salzburg and had the opportunity to discuss and ask questions with members of parliament (youth speakers). 

Further we spent two days in Vienna to visit the state parliament, the Federal Chancellery, the house of the European Union and arranged a discussion with members of the parliament Astrid Rössler and Joachim Schnabl. 

Further the youngsters realized their own projects in different towns in Salzburg, Upper Austria and Styria. 

In addition, the winners of the three best projects are visiting Brussels from 26. – 30.09. and will visit different EU institutions. 

The project will give the young people an insight into democratic processes and politics at various levels. They dealt with democratic decision-making processes and learned where they can contribute and have a say (participatory skills). The accompanying expertise in the workshops gave an overview of the political system in Europe (starting with your own municipality, through state politics, federal politics to the EU) and insights into economic forms that are successfully lived in communities. During the elaboration and conception of their own projects in their home community, joint decisions had to be made. In doing so, social skills were promoted. In addition, the participants acquired knowledge of project management and organizational skills. Further the region should have been strengthened through the voluntary commitment of the young people. 


  • Understanding democracy 
  • participatory skills 
  • Project development and management 
  • Political education  
  • Reflection of own skills 
  • Holding presentations 
  • Teamwork 

Organisation and practice