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Super Youth Worker
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D'Broej vzw

Henegouwenkaai 29/6, 1080 Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, Belgium

  • Youth information and counselling
  • Participation of young people in activities (planning, preparing, carrying out, etc.)

A practice of processes and methods

We aim to provide support for young individuals in a accessible manner, addressing various aspects of their lives. Our commitment extends to breaking down taboos, including topics such as mental health, academic challenges, and loneliness.

Additionally, we dedicate ourselves to safeguarding the right to leisure for young people who might otherwise face exclusion. By providing a safe haven, our goal is to establish a space where young individuals feel secure, allowing them to openly discuss matters that concern them.

Outreach: We aim to guide young individuals in finding their way to our offerings in the domains of leisure and youth welfare.

Youth welfare worker: Our youth welfare workers closely monitor young individuals in our leisure activities, addressing various themes such as mental well-being, home situations, education/employment, in individual trajectories. We adopt an approach that is highly accessible, involving relevant partners when necessary.

Overkop: We organize youth houses and drop-in moments with a focus on mental well-being. We encourage young people to develop and implement projects around various themes. Presence of youth workers allows for both collective and individual support. There are two OverKop houses, located in Schaarbeek and Molenbeek.

Animator courses: We support the personal growth of young people in their journey as animators, where they take on responsibilities and leadership roles.

In general, the self-confidence of the young individuals grows. They dare to show leadership and take responsibility where necessary. Taboos that exist among the youth gradually dissipate, allowing them to be more open about various topics, such as mental well-being.

In 2022, we initiated more than 14 collective well-being trajectories and organized individual trajectories for over 240 young individuals. Providing opportunities for the youth to unfold in their own way, with tailored trajectories. Overkop’s outreach reached a total of 320 young individuals, with 160 participating in the collective trajectories that were established.

Organisation and practice