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StreetSmart: Game-changing tools for youth workers

Mobile School vzw


Brabançonnestraat 25, 3000 Leuven, Belgium


  • Non-formal education/-learning
  • Inclusion
  • Competence development of youth workers

Concrete tool

StreetSmart (Mobile School NPO) develops game-changing tools for youth workers to enable them to unlock the potential of young people worldwide, especially children and youngsters growing up without a safe and caretaking environment.
Since 2002 we set up partnerships with youth work organisations working with street-connected children all over the world, providing them with training and educational materials (“mobile schools”). More than 60 organisations have been using mobile schools in 30 countries.
Since 2019 we opened up our approach to all youth workers to further professionalise and empower youth workers and organisations.
Our aim is to tackle turnover, (limited time for) creativity, competence development and improve the quality of essential youth work with experience based ready to use trainings and tools.

We developed several tools to support youth workers in their job:

1) StreetSmart Play: Never run out of game inspiration with StreetSmart Play, an interactive content-sharing platform with hundreds of fun and attractive educational activities, designed by people from all over the world.
2) StreetSmart Learn: Take a course on StreetSmart Learn, an online training and learning platform to coach and strengthen youth workers.
3) StreetSmart Wheels: The outreach methodology, combining all the StreetSmart digital tools with the mobile school, a transportable blackboard on
wheels to bring non-formal education to the street.
4) StreetSmart toolkit approach: A smart combination of hands-on online training for youth workers and concrete non-formal educational games for children and youth on topics like children’s rights, sexuality, financial education, health, …

5) StreetSmart Impact: An all-in-one combination of a data registration and case management app for youth workers and a user-friendly web-based platform, developed to provide essential information about your output and impact.

Around 5000 youth workers are currently using our methodology, using one or more tools of our full gamma. Our impact varies from individual to organisational level but are equally important.
Youth workers looking for a colourful educational poster to explain children’s rights found it in our toolkit “All children, All rights”. Some youth workers followed the training programme on self-esteem and personal development on StreetSmart Learn to learn more about how to motivate children. Other youth workers were looking for a simple icebreaker game on StreetSmart Play to start up a first activity in a neighbourhood. We have partners who use the mobile school daily and go to different areas in town to do non-formal educational activities. Other youth workers changed their output registration methods and are currently using our app.

Testimonials, stories and cases can be found on our website: http://www.street-smart.be

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