Super Youth Worker

Super Youth Worker
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Today we are fighting for every Ukrainian child

Національне молодіжне українське об'єднання

Volodymyrska 40/2, ap. 10, 01054 Kyiv, Ukraine

  • Non-formal education/-learning

A practice of processes and methods

Today we are fighting for every Ukrainian child and young adult and do our best to find solutions for overcoming these times not alone, not in constant fear and to become more resistant. So many of them should find support from youth workers. Let us remember that the impact of war on young people extends far beyond the boundaries of conflict zones. The war and injustice is a call to action for each one of us as global citizens to advocate for peace, justice, and equality. Ukrainian future belongs to the generations, which rise from the war. It’s our responsibility to foster compassion, empathy, and commitment to building a better world. Let us work together to create a future where no young person will ever have to endure the horrors of war.

The spring of 2023 took us closer to regular youth work. We established a network of educational advisers, responsible to rebuilding regular youth work within organizations, including youth camps, leisure and educational activities. Now we start to provide research for defining the challenges, hopes, and aspirations of beneficiaries. We also have some new topics, like support measures for school programs (helping school students with subjects), discovering Ukrainian history, educational excursions, professional orientations, psychological support and coaching. One of our achievements was to come back with regular activities to deoccupied cities of Bucha and Kherson. Indeed, the Nova Kakhovka dam breach and the following disaster remind us, that there is a very long way to stability. Youth leaders have learned new job skills such as educational consultants and mentoring. 

Thank donations from our international, we managed to supply several summer camps and gave the possibility for young people to have rest time in the safest areas in the western part of Ukraine. There were typical youth summer camps, as before the war. Despite everything, educational camps for children and youth will be held in Ukraine this year 2–3 times. Last year there were 70-80, this year there will be about 200. We are grateful to everyone who helps to institutionally support youth networks in wartime. Because it gives some children more opportunities to remain resilient, to spend time in safe places in the mountains without sirens.

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