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Henegouwenkaai 29/6, 1080 Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, Belgium

  • Outdoor activities

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We embark on mountain trekking adventures with young individuals. There, they are confronted with the overpowering force of nature and are literally drawn away from the safety of their home environment. They experience the contrast between the bustling city life of Brussels and the serene nature in the mountains. It is crucial that the young individuals can surrender to nature and the journey, where they learn to be independent, articulate their needs, and also develop teamwork skills. A bond of trust is established, not only among the young individuals but also within themselves.

By removing young people from their familiar environment, they learn to zoom out and perceive their own situation differently. The tranquil nature and stimulus-free surroundings enable them to decelerate and establish a connection with themselves and the environment. Confronting the challenges of the mountains compels them to engage in self-reflection. Additionally, the group dynamic plays a crucial role. Through collaboration, trust-building, and sharing responsibilities, they progress. They discover the value of perseverance, providing them with a greater chance of establishing a stable structure in their lives. Furthermore, they develop skills such as ownership and team spirit. Sport serves as a unifying element.


A positive outcome of this is that young people gain increased ownership, which they can subsequently apply in their daily lives. They learn to navigate group dynamics, strengthening trust and bonds. An additional benefit is the structure they incorporate into their daily routines, providing stability. Sport serves as a unifying factor and contributes to enhanced self-confidence.

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