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Super Youth Worker
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Youth center – a place of transformation and safety for young people

Centar za mlade Teslić - Nukleus


Karađorđeva 19, 74270 Teslic, Bosnia and Herzegovina


  • Participation of young people in activities (planning, preparing, carrying out, etc.)
  • Arts and culture
  • Youth information and counselling
  • Youth work in urban areas
  • Volunteering/voluntarism
  • Non-formal education/-learning
  • Community work

A practice of processes and methods

The Teslić Youth Center is an accessible and adapted space for young people in which activities and programs based on the methods and principles of nonformal education are provided to young people with the aim of developing young people into conscious, responsible members of the community and creating conditions for realizing their full potential.

In April 2022, the municipal administration of Teslić started providing adequate and adapted space for young people in the municipality of Teslić, and at the 15th regular session of the Teslić Municipal Assembly, the Decision on providing adequate and adapted space for young people in the municipality of Teslić was adopted.
The Municipality of Teslić provides the conditions for the maintenance, equipping and modernization of the Teslić Youth Center, and the competent Department for Social Activities is responsible for establishing basic standards in the work of the Teslić Youth Center as well as the conditions in which young people can express and demonstrate their creative abilities as well as perform youth activities based on established criteria

YOUTH CENTER IN TESLIĆ is a place of information, culture and education of young people and the development of civil society organizes events to update youth issues provides support in the implementation of initiatives and ideas is a space equipped for exhibitions, workshops, lectures, round tables, projections… is open to all young people without exception HERE young people can:

– participate in workshops, debates, discussions and lectures

– learn various skills and additional knowledge

– spend quality free time, find yourself and do what you love and know develop communication and other life skills

– to volunteer

– to be informed, to share experiences, knowledge and skills

– to meet new people

– open up new possibilities

– The work of the Youth Center is based on cooperation with other associations, relevant services, public institutions, professional individuals, and on the involvement of volunteers.

Today, we have over 60 children and young people coming to the center every day.
We successfully implement various programs and employ 5 youth workers.

Organisation and practice