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Youth Coalition – Molenbeek for Brussels 2030

Molenbeek for Brussels 2030


Av. d'Auderghem, 63 1040 Etterbeek, 1040 Brussels, Belgium


  • Cross sectorial cooperation
  • Participation of young people in decision making
  • Participation of young people in activities (planning, preparing, carrying out, etc.)

Concrete tool

On September 9, 10 and 24, 2023, 100 young people from all the communes of Brussels came together to think and dream about the future of Brussels in the Brussels Parliament. The primary objective of the Youth Coalition was to answer these two main questions: What does the young generation of Brussels want for Brussels in 2030? The 100 young people were divided into 6 working commissions.

The commissions were defined on the basis of the 1,000 questions published on the Speak Up Brussels platform (wwww.brussels2030.be/speakup).
on which 1,000 young people presented their ambitions, fears, desires and wishes for their future in Brussels, in 2030.

Commission 1: Social Cohesion – community & younger generations / education / work
Commission 2: identity & culture
Commission 3: mobility
Commission 4: nature & climate
Commission 5: living conditions & urbanism
Commission 6: safety

Selection of young people based on demographic statistics for Brussels: gender, age, commune, origins, nationality.
Each commission was followed by a facilitator: Eva de Smedt, Joanna Maycock, Sven Retoré, Marina Puzzolante, Yasmina Aboudarr, Robin Laurent Simon.

Opportunity to present proposals for the future of Brussels using different tools, not just speaking and writing.

Co-creation process: young people decide on the presence of ministers and the press + under their conditions after the 3 days.

The participants were paid

We have created a network of young people committed to brussels on a small, medium and large scale, created positivism around the future of brussels, created links, dialogue and understanding between young brussels from all the communes of brussels, but also between young people and members of civil and political society.

Organisation and practice