EGL is looking for applicants for two study visits in Finland happening this May! The deadline to apply is April 19 2022.

Youth Work in Schools

The study visit “Youth Work in Schools” will happen in Lahti from the 15th to 19th of May 2022. You will learn how the role of youth workers is enriching the school environment, how youth workers are engaging with the youth and also with teachers and the wider educational community.

Apply for this study visit here.

Municipal Work in Helsinki

The study visit “Municipal Work in Helsinki” will take place in Helsinki from the 16th to the 19th of May. You will learn how the city of Helsinki organizes its municipal youth work, what the structures are,
how administrative planning is done, how priorities are set, how the stakeholders are included, and what evaluation system is in place.

Apply for this study visit here.

Are you a youth worker, youth leader, or youth policymaker from one of the EGL program countries?

Do you want to share good practices with colleagues from over the whole of Europe?

Then join this study visit in Vilnius (Lithuania) from 24 to 29 April!

Apply by 21 March 2022, and more info here.

Agencija za mobilnost i programe Europske unije is organising a study visit in Croatia from the 24th to the 28th of April for municipal workers and youth workers accompanying a municipal worker.

The study visit is an opportunity to learn about municipal youth work practices in the coastal part of Croatia and how local youth policy helps support it. Join to explore and learn professional practices and how youth work can be developed.

Apply before 15 March! You can apply if you’re from Belgium – FL, Estonia, Lithuania, Serbia, or Slovenia.

More info and apply here.