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Download to PDF The EGL municipalities of SALTO EEC

The EGL municipalities of SALTO EEC


SALTO Eastern Europe and Caucasus made beautiful videos of their EGL municipalities. We’ve bundled all the videos of SALTO EEC for you here. You can click on “subtitles” on YouTube to watch the video with English subtitles.


Let’s start with the municipalities in Moldova!

The first video is about Cahul, which is a city and municipality in southern Moldova. The city is the administrative center of Cahul Distract.

The next municipality is Sipoteni, a commune in Călărași District.


SALTO EEC also made three videos about their EGL municipalities in Georgia: Chokhatauri and Zugdidi.

Chokhatauri is a town in Georgia’s Guria region, 310 km west to the capital of Tbilisi. It is an administrative center of Chokhatauri Municipality, which comprises the town itself and its adjoining 60 villages.

Zugdidi is a city in the western Georgian historical province of Samegrelo (Mingrelia). The city is located 318 kilometres west of Tbilisi, 30 km from the Black Sea coast and 30 km from the Egrisi Range.

The first video of Zugdidi is about their culture center.

And then we also have the video about the library in Zugdidi.

We posted one video a week on our social media, and this concludes our weekly videos. You can also watch all of them on the YouTube channel of SALTO Eastern Europe and Caucasus Resource Centre !