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Download to PDF Webinar on Quality Youth Work: The Changemakers Kit

Webinar on Quality Youth Work: The Changemakers Kit

Online, Online, December 16 - December 16, 2021
European level activity

Europe Goes Local organized two webinars in the autumn and winter of 2021. The first one was about Quality Youth Work in general and how European instruments can impact local policies and strategies.

The second edition on the 16th of December 2021 was more concrete. This webinar introduced the Changemakers Kit. Participants learned more about the online toolkit that Europe Goes Local developed to support local youth work. They could also try out the Changemakers Kit during the webinar, and they could ask questions to the trainer.

You can find the programme in the attached document.

Charter Ambassadors

Europe Goes Local established a network of Charter Ambassadors. The training for Charter Ambassadors was organised in the first quarter of 2022, but the process was kickstarted with a series of webinars in 2021. These Charter Ambassadors were nominated by their NA and did a residential training on top of the webinars.

The Charter

Europe Goes Local first launched the European Charter on Local Youth Work in June 2019 as “a common European platform for the necessary dialogue on youth work”. The Charter is not a political document, but “a checklist around which stakeholders can gather and discuss what measures might be needed for the further development of youth work”.

The Charter has met very positive reactions throughout the youth work community of practice. In the declaration from the 3rd European Youth Work Convention, Signposts for the future, the charter is explicitly mentioned as an important tool for the quality development of youth work.

After publishing the Charter the project team created an online toolkit to facilitate the work with the Charter. The Changemakers Kit was launched in October 2020. This webinar is to give an insight about the Changemakers Kit to those involved in providing local youth work all over Europe (Erasmus+ program countries and neighboring partner countries).

You can access the Charter (multilingual) and the connected Changemakers Kit at

You can learn more about the Charter and Changemakers Kit via the tutorial videos accessible through this page.