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YouthShot – Why Large-Scale Change is needed to solve the Most Pressing Social Issues


Antwerpselaan 40, 1000 Brussel Brussels, Belgium

  • Safe/secure youth work environment
  • Cross sectorial cooperation
  • Digital youth work
  • Lobbying/advocacy for youth work

A practice of processes and methods

The aim of Youthshot is to revolutionize problem-solving for the challenges affecting Urban’ youth by fostering a collaborative approach known as co-creation. Developed as a response to pressing societal issues, Youthshot aims to bridge gaps between diverse sectors—businesses, youth, social entrepreneurship, government, and public-private partnerships. By embracing an “every talent counts” philosophy, it seeks to create structural transformations that empower and support the growth of every young individual.

Inspired by Kennedy’s Moonshot principle, Youthshot encourages collaborative efforts towards a shared goal: solving the critical issues impacting youth. This method aims to motivate diverse stakeholders to actively engage in co-creation, emphasizing the importance of collective action in driving social evolution and effecting meaningful changes.

In essence, the purpose of Youthshot is to catalyze a shift in problem-solving paradigms by fostering partnerships and empowering stakeholders to collectively address and resolve the challenges faced by the youth in Brussels, ultimately striving for comprehensive and sustainable societal progress.

CAPITAL is created in middle 2020 and reached more than 13.000 individual youngsters in the building, and work with 20 companies and 3 governments in making sure large scale solutions are possible for large issues around Youth such as Youth Unemployment (28% in Brussels)

More reach, more collaboration, more clarity for Youth and innovation inside sector.

Organisation and practice